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Oct 21 | 2019

Let’s talk e-commerce. This isn’t the most glamorous of topics, but it’s important.  

The booming e-commerce industry highlights the fact that we all want quick, convenient, user-friendly buying options with the ability to transfer funds online. Why? Well, because, how does that saying go? “Time is money and money is time.”  



Sep 23 | 2019

There are ample brand building tools available to us now, and sometimes choosing the best way to project your brand is difficult. However, as a creative branding agency, we’re here to give you some new innovative ideas.


Aug 30 | 2019

Minimalism is having its moment right now. Just like Marie Kondo shaped our closets, we’re going to help you with your website redesign (i.e. your proverbial work closet).  

Here are 10 Tips to keep in mind when trying to create the best Minimalist Design possible.   



Aug 16 | 2019

You don’t have to be outdoorsy to know what an RV looks like. All you need is experience on an Interstate highway, and we’re almost positive you’ve seen an RV before.  

 Ok. Now, close your eyes and imagine one.  

We’re going to take one guess that the RV you’re picturing has those swoop designs on it and is some very basic color like taupe or brown 

So, how’d we know what was in your head? Part of it is our natural psychic abilities, but the other part of it is that these swoop designs have consistently been the print design on RV campers for the past 20-30 years.  



Aug 5 | 2019

Things are getting visually repetitive on the internet these days. Some could say, the internet is in the midst of a design dry spell. So, we’d love to help you set yourself apart from the masses! We’re going to give you a shortcut to help narrow down web design choices and give you list of 10 design trends to avoid:  


Jul 25 | 2019

You know what sucks? When you go to a website and can’t figure out how to use it.   

Click a button that doesn’t work? Check.
Can’t find the scroll down menu? Check.
Accidentally end up on the wrong page? Check. 
Close your laptop when one too many pop-ups plays whack-a-mole with you? Check, check, check, and check.  


Jul 19 | 2019

It’s been a minute since we’ve had to deal with Sex Ed in school. But what we remember about that class…is actually nothing.  


Jul 12 | 2019

Plastic sucks, and we have to do better 

Canada is planning to decrease their environmental footprint by proposing a ban on single use plastics in 2021. But, some serious work needs to be done in the meantime. That’s what David Lee Kwen of East West Market in Vancouver noticed too 



Jul 2 | 2019

As the client service joke goes… “Speed, quality, price… Pick 2.” While explaining limitations may have worked in the distant past, online environments, with long established leaders like Amazon and Facebook, have raised the bar exponentially. Users now demand perfection and expect to get it. 

If users don’t see what they need within seconds of navigating to a website, they’ll head back to the search engine. If they can’t easily complete the purchase process, it could lead to an abandoned shopping cart. 


Jun 27 | 2019

Honestly, it’s up for debate. But WOW Tech Group’s record breaking billboard ad ‘Scream your own name’ for their women’s sex toys is adding more fuel to the fire on the side that says OOH (no pun intended) Advertising is still alive and well.

We have so much to unpack to explain why this is happening. So, here’s a condensed version: