is intelligence
having fun.

Spoiling clients isn’t rocket science.

It began in 2002, when a sprightly Jersey girl decided to launch a branding and interactive marketing agency focused on building real relationships. Well, what a groundbreaking idea it was. In an industry with its fair share of secrecy, Oblique was founded on complete transparency and, dare we say it, genuine enjoyment of our work.
Here, we’re all about partnership and doing right by our clients. If you want our honest opinion, we’re not afraid to give it to you (that must be the Jersey coming out), and we’re always up-front about budgets and timing. In fact, we keep such meticulous track of our hours and keep you informed on such regular intervals that you’d think we’re a group of big-shot lawyers instead of big-thinking designers. See? Not your typical design agency.

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Industry Experts
We hire powerhouse pros when needed. Our team has been laying bricks for brands collectively for decades. We all bring our individual, extensive and unique experiences to the table. That's what keeps Oblique nimble and custom for your individual needs. We consider ourselves a long-term strategic partner. Never just a vendor.
“Brand” is universal and we take on clients that excite, motivate and inspire us across the board. We're drawn to clients who are in alignment with our values and stir our inspiration. Spanning industries from automotive and death care to outdoor and medical, we're well-equipped to cater to your needs across the board.
Case Studies
Not so sure? Check out happy clients that have allowed us to shout their praises far and wide. You’ll see problems, solutions and results and have positively impacted their brand’s bottom line. We’ll dive into business situations, our solutions, and benefits. And we’ll also throw in a client quote just in case you’re still not convinced.

What’s with our name?

1. neither parallel nor at a right angle to a specified or implied line; slanting.

At Oblique, we understand that a straight line to amazing strategy and brand design rarely exists. We flex and self navigate on your brand’s behalf to find the gems that may be just off the beaten path. We are comfortable with the zig and zag it takes and unpredictable slants are just new and fresh approach angles to us.