We’re going to start things off with a little exercise. Sit back, relax and imagine a typical marketing, interactive, graphic design or advertising agency. Got it? Okay, now get that preposterous image out of your head because Oblique is absolutely nothing like that.

Oblique Design is a Boulder ad agency that looks at things from a slightly different angle. We’re a little bit off, but trust us, it’s in all the right ways.

Around here, if something wants to sit still, we’ll probably shake it up. And if there’s a line that has no business being there, we’ll cross it like nobody’s business. You see, we live and invent on an angle, first asking the right questions and then letting our creativity slide like an avalanche all over your brand.


Knowledge is power. The more we know about you, your brand, your dreams, vision, and goals, the better we work together and conquer the world. It’s our job to help you recalibrate and get you back out there with an injection of new inspiration.


Websites need to do more than just look pretty. We’ll make sure yours has a gale-force user experience and high-ranking SEO to boot. Even video and animation if you’re up for it.


Let’s face it ladies and gentlemen, we love brands. And we can’t resist the chance to help make yours its best with logo design, naming and taglines, stationery suites and more.


Ads. Brochures. Packaging. Direct mail. Collateral. Other stuff that comes out of a printer. We design it, we write it and we coordinate the entire process from concept to completion.



Your story is our inspiration. There’s really no other way to put it. So the more we know about you, your organization, your pain points, your vision, your goals, and your competition, the more powerful and prominent we can make your position in the great wide world of brands.

Whether you’re a spanking-new start-up trying to get your name out there for the first time (Look at me! Look at me!), or an established brand that’s just become a little tired in the space (Yaaawn…), we are here and happy to help. The Oblique team will guide you as you discover your unique difference or hit the refresh button to reposition your business with an injection of new inspiration—not to mention a workable plan.

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Oblique is big on giving back to the people, places and non-profits that we care about—especially in our local area. That’s why we started the Oblique CommuniTee Program. We obviously dig doing design, so we figured: why not put our passion to use to help charitable organizations thrive with cool custom tees?

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We Design
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You Profit
Non-profits can send us an email telling us why they should become a selected CommuniTee member. Or heck, we also just choose some that are near and dear to our team.
You tell us what you stand for and we’ll slap that masterpiece onto some bomb threads so your employees, donors and supporters can wear your message with pride and great design. We love options, so we’ll present you with multiple concepts and it’s up to you whether you want to choose your favorite or put it to a vote, allowing your community to get involved.
Once you’ve selected the design you love, it’s time to turn this gem into a cash cow. We’ll eagerly help you promote your new swag on our website, blog and social media channels. That’s called putting good design to work.
While we’re always proud to put our design babies out into the world, we’re especially proud when they do good. You can decide where the proceeds earned from our CommuniTee program will make the greatest impact. We won’t take any of that cash, just give us some warm fuzzies and let us know how our designs have made a difference.

Oblique Blog

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