Tooting our own horn

It’s easy to go on and on about how we can help connect consumers to your brand through thoughtful design and honest, open collaboration with your team. But even more compelling are the results themselves. Feast your eyes on some of these case studies that show how Oblique has transformed brands into the most powerful versions of themselves.



Rogue Wave makes it easy to write, test and run complex code. In short, code starts with Rogue Wave, from algorithm libraries, C++ application building blocks, multi-threaded and multi-core debugger, open source support and governance, or static code analysis.


With two recent acquisitions, the Rogue Wave team wanted to update their branding to tell a larger, more cohesive story. The team also wanted to emphasize core capabilities, and update the visual brand.


Oblique worked extensively with Rogue Wave to learn about their mission and core values. After the discovery phase, we updated the logo to feature a modern and techy look, while maintaining some of its fluid roots. After creating capabilities icons, and a new set of brand guidelines, Oblique designed Phase 1 of their new website. The clean look and feel, and capabilities-driven navigation of the website shows that Rogue Wave is clearly the leader in Accelerating Great Code.


  • Visually launch a new storyline for Rogue Wave solutions
  • Align Rogue Wave and newly acquired companies with cohesive website design
  • Drive interest to their capabilities with compelling visuals and clean design

"From our first meeting to the website launch, Oblique understood us. They brought fresh perspectives and delivered on-target design that nailed our brand."

// Christine Bottagaro, CMO

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Carrier Mausoleums Construction (CMC) specializes in mausoleums, glass-front niches, columbaria, and bronze accessories. Based in Canada with offices in the U.S., CMC has been successfully serving North America for over 35 years.


With many direct competitors, CMC’s marketing team felt as though they were not receiving the proper exposure for the level of work and services they provide. Their previous branding efforts no longer portrayed them as a trusted and industry-leading company.


CMC partnered with Oblique to implement a total marketing overhaul. The Oblique team worked extensively on all of their efforts, including a full rebrand, website, ad campaigns, tradeshow booth graphics, catalogs, and more. CMC is now seen in the industry as a legacy of quality, craftsmanship and reliability.


  • Established a brand tone to carry into all marketing initiatives
  • Extensive website portfolio to properly showcase work
  • Strong call to action for new business leads

"Janice Ferrante and her team at Oblique Design have a real talent for delivering fresh, authentic and distinctive branding ideas. We are impressed at just how fast Oblique has embraced our industry and learned our business. Oblique's commitment to partnering with our company through insightful design has yielded the most significant and exciting transformations to our company image – and experience. Their team-based approach has made them a critical component of our current and future marketing plans. For a simply better agency experience, we highly recommend Oblique!"

// Joshua P. Lintz, Senior Director, Marketing & Strategic Development

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About Wolky

Established in 1982, Wolky is a Dutch, family-run company that has stood for quality, comfort and style since the day they opened their doors. Wolky shoes are worn all over the world and sold in more than 2,000 international retailers.


As a European shoe company, Wolky struggled to tailor their marketing efforts in the U.S. market. They were not seeing the necessary growth and awareness in the U.S. and needed to drastically change their strategies.


Oblique created a strategic marketing plan, website, product catalog, and dealer/consumer email blast campaign specifically for the U.S. market. The objective was to portray the Wolky brand as affordable, stylish and comfortable, while keeping the U.S. buyer in mind.


  • Created greater exposure and awareness for Wolky U.S.
  • Promoted Wolky’s shoe collection by featuring extensive product descriptions, store locators and e-commerce
  • Increased consumer and dealer outreach by creating email campaigns with analytics and A/B testing

"Since Wolky is a European company, Oblique was a tremendous help in providing Wolky a clear direction towards reaching our market in the U.S. They are knowledgeable, creative, fun and the most kick-ass agency I have ever worked with!"

// Rozanne Young, VP Marketing, U.S.

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Since 2004, NorthStar Memorial Group has grown, evolved and led the funeral and cemetery profession with a fresh perspective and without ever losing sight of what they do best: celebrating life and passionately supporting the families they serve. They are one of the nation’s largest groups of cemeteries and funeral homes with over 75 locations across 11 states.


Although each of NorthStar’s locations have their own unique offerings and environment fit to serve their local communities, the group as a whole seeks to implement the same mission and value standards across all of their locations. This begins with their online presence.


In order to uphold a cohesive brand standard across all of NorthStar’s location websites, Oblique created a website template that is flexible enough to accommodate each location’s individual needs. This includes a variety of different service offerings, video and photos of the grounds and facilities, and even pages for multiple locations within the same region.


  • Implemented a professional, credible website design that’s easy for each location to update as needed
  • Improved site navigation and user experience
  • Created brand cohesion across all 75+ properties

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