Websites are great and all, but there’s still something to say about a custom, printed brochure that consumers can hold in their own two hands. We’re talking high quality stocks, custom die cuts, embossing and even UV varnishes. Our brochures are among the best in the business because we know that success resides in balance. The sweet spot is where exquisite photographs and surprising design pair with intelligent copy to create an attention-grabbing piece so precious, it belongs in a frame. Or at least on the fridge.

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With shelf after shelf of the same-looking stuff, it’s no wonder product packaging is so important for brands in retail. Every element matters, and we make all of them look and feel fantastic. We’ll help define the packaging style and make recommendations for form and function while also bringing out your brand through shape, typography, texture, color palette, copy and more.

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Direct Mail

Sometimes the mailman becomes your biggest brand advocate without even knowing it. After all, he’s the one who will deliver your keenly composed postcards, catalogs, mailers and magazines. Oblique is big on strategic communication, so if we find that your target market is one that’s best reached via mail, there’s no doubt that we can help you get their attention.

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