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Dec 1 | 2017

There are few things more memorable than a person’s voice. You could hear a voice you haven’t heard in 10 years and instantly recognize the face it belongs to. Every voice is different and your unique voice conveys who you are, or at least who you want people to see you as, to the world. We achieve this through our inflection, our tone and the things we say and how we say them. Just as we as people shape perceptions of who we are through our voice, brands connect with their fans and customers by creating a brand voice that appeals to their unique audience.

Think of your favorite brands and ask yourself why you love them. What is it about the brand that you connect with? Is it their dedication to a specific cause? Or the benefit you get from using their product? Or, is it simply that you love their personality and the way they just seem to “get you”? Good brands achieve all three. What you may not realize is that two of these three things are a part of the brand’s voice and have likely been carefully crafted in order to win your love. With that in mind, ask yourself just how important brand voice is. Would you love that brand so much if they didn’t support your favorite cause? Would you feel any affinity toward them if they didn’t seem like a brand you could trust? Yeah they’d have a great product, and maybe you’d buy it, but you might just as likely buy their competitor’s product, because you would have no sense of brand loyalty.

At Oblique, our sweet spot is creating brands. We design killer logos and come up with clever names and also help identify the brand’s voice. What would your brand be without a distinctive voice? Brand loyalty is more important than ever with so many competitors crowding the market in all industries. Without a voice to communicate to your customers, you risk being overlooked or forgotten when it comes time to make a purchase. Not quite sure what your brand voice would sound like? We’ll help you find it. We can’t wait to meet your brand and hear what it has to say.

Nov 20 | 2017

We all have clothes lying around that need a quick chemical-free fragrance steam, a handy anti-bacterial whirl and a de-wrinkle lift. Two young guys from St. Louis saw the need and jumped on it to start their own company called Tersa Steam.

With over $79,298 already raised on Indiegogo since September, 2017, they are on the fast track to success. Tersa Steam is the new and innovative way to steam your clothes – without ruining them, and the hassle that steamers and irons bring. Did we mention the entire process takes only 10 minutes? You can pinch yourself now.

When Tersa Steam came knocking at our door for a Brand Strategy Workshop, Logo Design, Tagline, Stationery Suite, Indiegogo Landing page and Trade Show Booth designs for CES, where we really going to say no? We think not, these guys are onto something BIG. Not only with consumers, but big hotel chains and corporations as well. Two thumbs up.

How does it work? Simply place your clothes in the wall-mounting device. Turning it on, insert your pod of choice, press a button and walking away. Literally. Turn the power on and continue with your morning routine. Grab coffee, eat breakfast, or just relax and read the newspaper while this machine steams, de-wrinkles, and freshens your clothes for work, school or even a night out.

We think it’s genius. Don’t be shy, join Oblique in backing them today.

Nov 6 | 2017

Marijuana use and legalization is a controversial topic of discussion these days. While many states have made it legal to get high, cannabis laws have brought us other benefits as well that can be enjoyed by a broader audience. Although not everyone may be a fan of THC, I think we can all enjoy the benefits of CBD.

“What’s CBD?” you ask. It’s a non-psychoactive derivative of cannabis that’s associated with relaxation, stress relief and other wonderful things. CBD has regenerative effects – repairing skin, healing wounds and reducing scar tissue and because of this it can now be found in skincare products. You may be wondering why Oblique would care about this. Or can you guess?

That’s right, we’re writing to introduce you to our newest client, CAUSE+MEDIC! CAUSE+MEDIC is an all-natural skincare line combining the healing properties of cannabis with other active botanical ingredients, to enhance skin health and radiance. To us they’re a dream client offering a dream product. CAUSE+MEDIC has hired Oblique to redesign their logo and packaging as they seek to place their products in spas across the country. Sign us up for a CBD mint infused massage pronto!

Once you’ve experienced their products in the spa, you’ll want to buy some for use at home. If not just for the beautiful packaging Oblique will design, you’ll want to own them, because they’re amazing products with great restorative qualities. If that doesn’t sell you, maybe this will. CAUSE+MEDIC products incorporate a variety of consciously selected botanicals and are responsibly sourced and cruelty free. All of their packaging is recyclable or made from recycled materials. And best of all, they pledge $1 from every sale to a charitable organization of your choice. What’s not to love?

As you can tell we’re totally smitten and we think you’re about to be as well. Check them out at Branding and packaging photos to come, so check back regularly to see the finished product.

Sep 26 | 2017

We recently designed several apparel items for one of our local clients, BOOM Properties. We teamed up with a local apparel company, Goodbye Blue Monday, to design hats, t-shirts and hoodies. One of our TEEM co-workers even volunteered to model our swag and we had a great time running around Pearl Street taking pictures of her in BOOM’s new apparel.

The designs that Oblique created for BOOM Properties clearly stands out from all other property management companies. Our killer designs are modern, modular, and shows how this company pushes boundaries for their own clients.

Team Oblique is chomping at the bit to design cool products for your company. Need a company hoodie, trucker hat, water bottle or lighter? We’d love the opportunity to create branded gear for you. Come to us with your challenge and we’ll design a kick-ass representation of your brand!

Sep 15 | 2017

I guess you could say Chef Ann is our latest celebrity crush and all the recent media hype she’s received has made us giddy. We’re huge fans of this renegade lunch lady and her initiatives as she works to reform US school food programs one district at a time. Oblique has recently teamed up with the Chef Ann Foundation to create a fresh new brand for their new program, the School Food Institute. We came up with the name, mission statement, logo, tagline and website copy for this thriving organization.

If you’re unfamiliar with Chef Ann Cooper, you won’t be for long. Her goal is to create an organization that grants children daily access to fresh, healthy food in their school cafeterias. At this time Chef Ann oversees the cafeteria food preparation for 50 different schools in the Denver area, which leads to 13,000 meals prepared each day. With the introduction of programs such as the School Food Institute, these numbers will only continue to grow.

The School Food Institute is an online educational program that provides in-depth training, operational skills, and strategic vision to food service professionals. These skills will help to bring healthy and sustainable food into lunchrooms across the nation. The program also hopes to bring attention to issues within the school food system and inspire change among them. Already, they have been recognized for their outstanding efforts in changing the Denver school food system and they recently received a $520,000 grant from the Colorado Health Foundation that will allow all Colorado food service workers to enroll in SFI courses at no cost. It’s encouraging to see so many school districts coming onboard and participating in this outstanding certification program! You can read more about Chef Ann and the School Food Institute in recent articles from the Denver Post and the New York Times.

We’re proud to have developed the face to this impactful name that is already making a difference in our local Colorado community, and in communities across the country. You can learn more about the Chef Ann Foundation or donate to their cause here.

Aug 31 | 2017

Oblique is moving down to the big city… Pearl Street! Our new office will be downtown at TEEM’s co-working space, right off of Broadway and Spruce.

Our new space offers an environment that maximizes productivity working alongside highly-skilled, motivated professionals in our industry. TEEM’s tenants are like-minded creatives, striving to advance their own businesses in this vibrant, energetic environment where ideas and execution thrive. This community will provide a sounding board for creative concepts, a team to brainstorm alongside and a competitive environment in which we’ll be challenged to constantly improve our craft.

The Oblique team will be moving in the first week of September. What does this shift mean for our clients? We will still consist of the same small, niche kickass team, but we’ll be working in the heart of a creative incubator and saving money with the intention of passing the savings onto you.

Come visit us in our new space. There’s free coffee, happy hours every third Thursday and did we mention that dogs are welcome? We look forward to welcoming you there!

NEW ADDRESS:  2088 Broadway, Boulder CO, 80302
NEW PHONE NUMBER:  303.718.9811

Aug 22 | 2017

Long have I awaited for the day to not call myself an intern but an actual professional. Well today, it still hasn’t come. With a year of school still to go and new experiences on the horizon I refrain from being a self declared professional and am putting my drive on cruise control. But, my time here at Oblique has gotten me that much closer. These mentors/colleagues of mine (now friends as well) are legit. They know the in’s and out’s of the agency community. Whether it is in advertising, branding, design, or just knowing how to be honest with your partners and clients, they know it all. Here are a few lessons I learned along the way.

When you have multiple clients, with multiple projects, all with multiple due dates, organization is a must. While this sounds simple, it’s not, one missing file can spell disaster for an entire project. Have backups, have backups of the backups, and make sure everyone is on the same page.

You’re not always going to hit a home-run with the first design or idea you have. Everything in the agency community is trial and error. Having version 2.6.3 is not uncommon, you must learn how to be in tune with your client and their vision. While making suggestions is a must, it takes adaptability between both sides to have a finished product that is satisfying but also creates lasting value for the client.

Don’t be Afraid to Learn
Good teams are created by having skillsets that are different but still work great together. Finding your niche and adding value to the team is the best way to help out. And when you don’t know something, ask! Don’t be afraid to learn, and take your mistakes as teachable moments.

While these lessons were learned at work, they can be applied to life as well. Make sure everything you do can be used as a way to improve yourself. I know I did.

Jul 26 | 2017

If you didn’t know this yet, here at Oblique we love everything Colorado, especially our North Boulder Community. As a company, we strive to make a difference where we can. This quarter we decided to reach from our roots and design a cycling jersey that represents our close-knit community and raises money for a local nonprofit, Boulder Food Rescue.

Boulder Food Rescue, founded in 2011, provides soon-to-expire and overstocked food from 28+ local businesses to 40+ recipient sites ranging from day shelters to community centers. With the help of hundreds of volunteers, Boulder Food Rescue has redirected almost two million pounds of good food from landfills to hungry bellies in the city of Boulder. They collect food up to fifteen times a day, everyday, relying only on buggies connected to bicycles.

As avid cyclists ourselves, we thought a cycling jersey to be a fitting way to support an organization that relies solely on bicycle transportation. Partnering with local businesses in North Boulder, we’ll market and sell the jerseys to other cyclists across Boulder. With 100% of sponsors proceeds and approximately 15% of sale proceeds we hope to provide Boulder Food Rescue with resources to keep their awesome project going.

Anything involving cycling and helping out the community means all hands on deck here at Oblique. (I mean just look at those designs!) If you’d also like get involved with this project, as a sponsor or purchasing your very own jersey, contact us here. If you want learn more about Boulder Food Rescue click here.  

Jun 28 | 2017

What if one company could save the world? While Instream Water may not be that company (yet) Oblique is proud to help them reduce the number of plastic water bottles entering our landfills everyday. Based out of Denver, Instream Water is a technologically advanced, convenient, sustainable and affordable alternative to bottled water. Instream Water is both an economical and environmental alternative to bottled water. Their goal is to revolutionize the distribution of filtered water and inspire sustainability through simplicity and technology. Oblique has already designed a logo for Instream Water, and we are currently in the process of creating an animated video, mobile app and assisting with kiosk development.

Instream Water will be incorporating their kiosks into any establishment where people can reuse their water bottles such as public parks, concert venues, sports stadiums, and large corporations. Their goal is to capture an audience by introducing customizable water options offering not only pure filtered water but sparkling water as another alternative. They hope their differentiation in the market inspires people to save millions of plastic water bottles from going into landfills and to live a more sustainable lifestyle.  

This project is ideal for Oblique Design. We love collaborating with a progressive company we can stand behind professionally, environmentally and personally.

Jun 13 | 2017

Oblique Design is teaming up with the oldest and most premiere zipper company, Talon Zippers, to rebrand their TekFit technology. Talon has been the leader in zipper and trim since 1893; they’ve worked with the some of the most recognized apparel companies in the world, including Ralph Lauren, Reebok, American Eagle, Vans, Kohls, and Levis.

Always striving to be ahead of their industry, Talon’s introduced its newest division, Tekfit. The patented technology allows waistbands to stretch and contour to the user’s body to ensure maximum comfort. Since the initial launch, Talon has modified their design to improve the quality and incorporate it into collars and other apparel goods. With the technology’s recent success, the company is rebranding TekFit to fit the athleisure category and expand into an international market. Check out the technology here

Talon believes in the spirit of collaboration and that design is in the details — qualities that Oblique stands behind and loves to see in our partners. Keep an eye out on Talon’s Website for an updated TekFit name and logo.