Off The Press: Big Renovations Coming to Dutch Clark Stadium

For over 70 years, Dutch Clark Stadium has been a staple of the community in Pueblo, Colorado. Named for Earl “Dutch” Clark, professional football legend, pioneer and Colorado native, the stadium has served as a vital community space for generations of Puebloans. Since opening in 1950, Dutch Clark Stadium has served the Pueblo School District (D60), hosting football, soccer and track and field. According to, the stadium ranks as the 14th largest high school football stadium in the country.

Being around as long as Dutch Clark Stadium has, it’s inevitable that time would take its wear on the old structure. In order to keep the stadium experience one of the best in the country, the Pueblo Urban Renewal Authority (PURA) has allocated $5.2 million in improvements to the storied stadium. Along with the new improvements, Dutch Clark Stadium is also getting a brand refresh and here at Oblique we’re grateful to help carry on the legacy of such a historic and venerable community space. We recently created a new logo that encapsulates the history while simultaneously looking forward as the stadium continues to serve the community for generations to come. In addition to the logo, we will also be designing backpacks, hats, hoodies and more.

Read more on the planned renovations and catch a glimpse of our work in an article by Pueblos ABC affiliate KRDO. Be sure to check out our other branding projects in our portfolio and if you like what you see we’d love to chat

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