Improved User Experience Will Improve Your Bottom Line

How much thought have you put into what your potential customers experience when visiting your website? Is the design of your current site attracting and keeping your target audience engaged? Whatever industry you’re in, whether it’s architecture, construction, law, cannabis, healthcare, or food and beverage, your website is often your first point of interaction with new customers and clients. It’s that first impression of your brand, but more importantly, it clearly communicates what you do, why it’s important and how you’re different from the competition; at least it should. A good User Experience strategy will guide the user through your brands’ digital experience.

There are a lot of options out there for creating a website. Companies like Wix and SquareSpace are making it easier and easier for people to build beautiful websites without any previous knowledge of design or coding. These can be a good, cheap option, but at the end of the day, you’re getting what you pay for and it may be affecting your bottom line. Without a user experience (UX) strategy, that beautiful website you created may not be engaging the right audience in the right way.

Here’s a quick scenario: you run an architecture firm that does commercial projects as well as residential. You want to do more commercial projects because you make more money doing them but you’re just not getting the clients coming in. You have a beautiful SquareSpace website you created but right on the homepage are features of residential projects. Your commercial work is buried in another page that takes a little more navigating, assuming the potential client is willing. 

A good UX strategy is a lot like a good brand strategy. A big part of both strategies is getting a better understanding of your target audience and what you want them to see from you. If you don’t have the clarity in your strategy the user’s interaction will become confusing, frustrating and ultimately lead to a loss in clients and customers.

These considerations are just a piece of the broader UX strategy we implement here at Oblique. If you’re looking to up your business, let us help you create a web presence that’s as functional as it is beautiful. Drop us a line!