TikTok, it’s Time to Explore

There are ample brand building tools available to us now, and sometimes choosing the best way to project your brand is difficult. However, as a creative branding agency, we’re here to give you some new innovative ideas.

TikTok is a mobile app and the fastest growing social media platform right now with 260 million users worldwide. Remember Vine (Rest In Peace)? TikTok is a similar concept, but the app has all the features that Vine, an app that showcased 6 second looping videos, lacked. On TikTok, you can create short-form videos up to 1 minute long and have access to audio clips, songs and different effects for editing. Gaining popularity in East Asia first, TikTok has spread to the US, which is now its 3rd biggest market. You may be thinking, “Oh no, not another new thing I have to learn.” However, TikTok might just be worth the time. The advertising network within the app is similar to what exists for Facebook, LinkedIn and Snapchat. It lets advertisers target users across third-party apps, not just within TikTok’s confines. There’s so much opportunity for growth here.

So, who is using TikTok as a marketing tool?

Well recently, Ralph Lauren became the first luxury brand to roll out a campaign on the app. It’s US Open season and Ralph Lauren seized the opportunity to join up with the US Open’s hashtag challenge, integrating the shoppable aspect of TikTok by giving users the ability to buy US Open branded Polos. Ultimately, Ralph Lauren’s exploration of new marketing tools was beneficial on multiple accounts. First, they produced some awesome and creative videos, which obviously we love. And also, by tapping into 4-6 TikTok influencers, Ralph Lauren had 11 million eyes on their interactive marketing videos, which increased their brand awareness. They essentially had a full funnel marketing campaign that gave them good insight into engagement rates, i.e. video views, likes, comments, and add to cart vs full purchases. People really bought those US Open Polos.

Ralph Lauren took a risk by trying to stay relevant and culturally ‘in the know’, and it just so happened that it worked out. They executed their new ideas with quality, and are leading by example for other big brands to follow suit on TikTok.

If you ever feel like you’ve exhausted your current marketing taps, remember there are always new platforms to showcase dynamic interactive media design.

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