Let’s talk E-Commerce

Let’s talk e-commerce. This isn’t the most glamorous of topics, but it’s important.  

The booming e-commerce industry highlights the fact that we all want quick, convenient, user-friendly buying options with the ability to transfer funds online. Why? Well, because, how does that saying go? “Time is money and money is time.”  


Picture this: It’s 2 am and your eyes seem like they’re never going to close. You turn your laptop on to feign the idea that this is not wasted time. But, are you going to open that Excel sheet you’ve been working on? No, you’re going to open up 5 tabs of different e-commerce shoe venders. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.  

But which do I choose,” you ask yourself.  

Our bet is that the site with the best user experience, most creative web design, and best SEO will win your business.  

With that in mind, here are three very affordable e-commerce platforms that we like to use when designing such sites 

 Woo Commerce 

  • This is a plug-in for WordPressWoo Commerce has easily customizable design and style elements that require no coding experience to navigate. 
  • If more established businesses want an extensively customized template outside of what is offered, some coding experience is required. That’s where we come in 

 Template Monster 

  • This is the world’s biggest template site that has tons of different options and can cater to a wide range of e-Commerce platforms.  
  • Some templates are more complex than others and editing will require CSS/HTML, and we will help you with that 


  • These templates are designed for people with little to no coding experience. It gives people the ability to create an online store with templates that work with simple website building framework. It also provides built in SEO, analytics, and direct to Facebook ads. 
  • However, there are limited design options. If you want customized and relevant design as it pertains to your business, we suggest using another platform. 

All in all, we are here to help you and your business grow. Effective ecommerce solutions bring you one step closer to becoming the business you want to be.