User Inyerface is Frustrating

You know what sucks? When you go to a website and can’t figure out how to use it.   

Click a button that doesn’t work? Check.
Can’t find the scroll down menu? Check.
Accidentally end up on the wrong page? Check. 
Close your laptop when one too many pop-ups plays whack-a-mole with you? Check, check, check, and check.  

All of this is a recipe for frustration and will leave you shaking your fists at the omniscient Internet gods who won’t seem to disseminate the manual for perfect, seamless User Interface.   

Bagaar, a Belgian technology design firm, created the most exasperating game called User InyerfaceIt combines all of these annoying qualifiers of bad web design on purpose. As a marketing tactic, they hilariously presented everything they stand against in one simple package. A sort of anti-marketing-marketing campaign. Each new page highlights something that can be confusing if executed poorly, and thus reiterates the undercelebrated importance of proper web design.  

Precise and simple language to guide users through navigating the site? Yes!
Functional buttons? Yes!
Clear logic in page organization? Yes! 
And, for the love of God, no more pop-up? Yes, yes, yes, yes! 

These are all things that will keep your customers interested.   

So, why was this game so effective in circulating Bagaar’s name across the web 

 Well, generally we rarely get to see what goes into innovative web design, and as avid Internet users, we expect nothing less than a seamless experience. So much so, that when there’s a blip in our browsing experience, it’s painstakingly clear that someone made a mistake along the way. Wthen lose trust in the company due to our user experience. In any story, every protagonist has an antagonist. So in building the story of

 interactive brand, they presented us with Inyerface as the anti-hero to bring out Bagaar’s hero. And guess what, it’s true: not all heroes wear capes.