Sex Education Gets Creative

It’s been a minute since we’ve had to deal with Sex Ed in school. But what we remember about that class…is actually nothing.  


It’s a well-known trope that sex education for youth is uninteresting, dated, and ill-timed. It’s filled with misconceptions and kids are getting all the wrong information in all the wrong places. That’s where ‘The Dirty’ comes in. It’s a platform, movement and conversation powered by Dropbox Paper as a one stop shop to give youth the right answers about sex related questions.  

 D&AD, a British educational charity that is a source for promoting excellence in design and advertising, awarded The Dirty with the Newblood Award in 2018. Basically D&AD said it’s an awesome product with cool, innovative design and all the good stuff we love at Oblique.  

In their brand marketingThe Dirty uses conversational language ridden with culturally relevant innuendos that aren’t corny. They recognize the reality of how awkward asking about sex related stuff is, and they aren’t chastising the recipients or information-givers to promote their product. They’re coming in to disrupt the stigma and existing issue and are taking “a private conversation public” as they tell us in their video. They also spread their message and resources throughout interactive social media platforms, so you’re not approaching them in only one way. The Dirty’s interactive design is omnipresent. Moreover, their creative graphic design with funny phrases on condom wrappers, and graphics within their site is eye-catching and memorable. You’re not not giggling when you read it. Humor again provides the backbone for creating memorable and relatable marketing. And we love that!  

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