Beyond Selfies and Cat Pics: Reach Your Customers with These Trends on Instagram

Instagram isn’t just about snapping cute selfies anymore! Small businesses and large companies alike are turning to social media as a prime form of advertisement, and Instagram is rolling out a plethora of new marketing features that will make 2019 your brand’s most social year yet. At Oblique, we love Instagram as a platform for sharing our work and the things we find cool. Here are some tips for how to up your Instagram game.


Micro Influencers: A Better Fit for Your Small Business
In the not-so-distant past, the only way a hopeful influencer could dream of scoring a brand deal was having a few million Instagram followers. Here’s the thing: is Kylie Jenner really the most logical choice to market your small business?

Enter micro influencers. Instead of trying to get the person with the most followers to market your brand, practice what you preach and shop locally. By narrowing your search for the perfect influencers to regular people who live near your business, you can partner with people who are familiar with your brand that can help you reach your local target market.

After all, a picture is worth a thousand…followers who can actually visit your small business, versus a million who could only pop in if your next promo included free plane tickets.

Engage With Your Audience: Add Stickers to Your Instagram Stories
Nothing ruins the mood like a love triangle with your customers–you know you want them, but if you don’t show them they matter to you, they’ll move on to the brand that does. The solution? Interact with stickers!

Stickers are the latest addition to Instagram stories. Whether you want to poll your audience on their favorite products, start a countdown to the release of a new item, or just ask a fun question that will make your brand stand out, stickers are a great way to get potential customers to engage with your brand.

Dark Social is No Dark Secret
Dark social, or the private side of social media, is a great way for customers to have one-on-one conversations with brands. Instagram Direct gives customers somewhere to ask questions without the rest of the Instagram universe watching, which builds their trust in their favorite brands. Just don’t ghost your customers–be sure to check those messages regularly!

Social media marketing can become the best thing to happen to your business since you opened your doors. Don’t be shy, get on the Gram and see what you can do and who’s out there waiting to find you.

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