3 Tips for Creating a Successful Mobile App

Your customers spend a lot of time on their phones and 89% of that time is spent using mobile appsThey are constantly on some app or other, which is why so many businesses are creating their own mobile apps to reach their customers. 

However, it’s not an easy feat. Making a good mobile app takes up a lot of time, money, and resources. Your app needs to be easy to use, efficient, and it has to look good. This is a challenging balance to strike. You need to design an app that is user friendly and visually appealing if you want your customers to actually use it. To help you out, we’ve put together a few tips for creating a successful mobile app. 

Photo credit: @lostco


If your app isn’t intuitive and the user can’t figure out how to use it, they’re sure to uninstall it sooner than later. If your app is clunky, doesn’t look professional, or feels cluttered or overwhelming, it’s time to redesign it. You want to give your customers a mobile app that looks professional and is easy to use.  


Personalization is one of the most important elements of app design because your users want to feel like the app is made with their specific needs in mind. You have the opportunity to connect with them and provide them with information tailored to their needs in a genuine way. It’s a great idea to conduct user testing before you begin design and prior to launch to identify what your users want from your app and how they’d prefer to use it. 


Creating an interactive app is a great way to engage your customers and boost brand awareness. Many businesses do this by gamifying the user experience and rewarding customers for using the app or making purchases. Find ways to motivate your customers to engage with your app while earning rewards. Keep in mind though that gamification just for the sake of interactivity often falls flat. You should aim to include interactive features that actually enhance the user experience. 

If you’re ready to introduce a mobile app, our team is ready to design your ultimate interactive online experience. We understand a good user experience design is key to elevating your online presence. Shoot us a message and let’s chat.