Empathy in Design: How We Match Form with Function

Now we’re a branding and graphic design agency, but let’s talk about architecture for a minute. Sometimes, you can look at a building and know exactly what purpose it serves. The design clearly matches the type of business that will be housed inside, either through branding or the general form or aesthetic. You may have to stretch your brain to make the connection, but at least somewhere a connection can be found. Then there are other buildings that seem to have been dropped into place by aliens, and while the building could be interesting to look at or a structural masterpiece, there is no way to connect its form to its function. 



Whether it’s a website, a commercial product, or a piece of content, you want your projects to reflect you. You wouldn’t want a tasteful, monochromatic homepage for your pizza arcade business, even if it was artistically flawless. You probably wouldn’t want an email blast for your AI research lab to feature five dads’ worth of robot puns, even if they were electrifying. The key to avoiding this kind of tonal confusion is to choose creative partners that practice empathy. 


An empathetic designer never puts a single pixel in place until they fully understand their client. They know who the final product is meant for, they know what the story of the brand or business is, and they know how the deliverable they’re designing fits into that story. When a designer practices empathy, they put themself in the client’s shoes and envision how their work reflects on the company. An empathetic designer places the needs of the client above their own portfolio. Of course, if you’ve picked the right partner, the finished design will still be bold and creative without forgetting its function. 


Our team always takes the time to sit with our clients and really get acquainted before embarking on a project. We want to know your story inside and out so we can effectively tell it through everything we design. Our goal is to have a finished product that all parties can be proud of. If you’re ready to move past hiring one-off designers and looking to hire a real creative partner, reach out and let’s get to know each other.