Boost Your Web Presence Using Humor And Wit

Have you ever looked at a website and felt as if your eyes were going to bleed if you had to read anymore? Did it remind you of every lecture you were forced to sit through in college? Do you want your viewers to be so sore from laughing that they have to put their phones down? Stick close, friends, because Oblique has the tips you need! 

Know Your Audience 

Who exactly are you trying to appeal to? Millennials? Baby Boomers? The notorious Generation X? Or is it a dog loving group who believes canines will one day rule the world? Wit comes in several different shades, and it can come across as too strong or not strong enough. If you don’t know your audience well enough, you may miss the mark. 

We can help with this. Last year we designed a new website that appealed to Millennials in need of a tow when they’re stranded. We named the company “Puhl and the tagline reads “because pushing sucks.” We love this clever reference to Uber, which we knew the company’s Millennial audience would appreciate. 

Keep Your Humor in Check 

Humor is a wonderful thing, but it can go too far. It’s like adding spices to your chili. Add too much, and it’s inedible. 

When we were approached by a company who wanted to make a statement in a saturated market, we came up with the name “BOOM.” Not original enough for you? It wasn’t for us either, so we designed their website with a horizontal scroll. Just imagine what we could do for you! 

Make Your Team Page Entertaining 

Customers should see your Team page and desire to know you better. That’s not going to happen if you post your corporate headshots with a brief list of accomplishments that are drier than cookie left in the oven too long.  

Take our own site for example. Our bios are so engaging you’ll be dying to pick up the phone the moment you read them. 

If you’re ready to push the boundaries and infuse humor and personality into your brand and website, drop us a line. We can’t wait to identify your brand of humor.