Medicinal Cannabis – Everyone and Their Dog is Doing It

Medicinal cannabis has shaken up how society views healthcare and made us think a bit more about what exactly we’re putting in our bodies when we’re sick. You might expect Colorado design firms like us to have a stable of cannabis clients, but we’re selective about our clients in the cannabis and CBD industry; we want to make sure it’s a mission we believe in. Through clients like gro.io and CAUSE+MEDIC, we’ve become familiar with the nuances of the movement.cannabis for dogs

When applicable, more and more people turn to CBD as a safe and easy alternative to lab-made compounds found in pharmaceuticals that can sometimes be harsh on the system and accompanied by inconvenient, often dangerous side effects.

Despite the positive outcomes we’ve seen from medicinal cannabis in humans, it remains illegal to manufacture in pharmaceuticals for pets. Now, we’re not saying you should throw on some Tame Impala and hot box your dog when they get a little older and develop joint pain, but we do think pet medications should be as painless and hassle-free as possible for the little fuzzballs we hold so dear.

We at Oblique love our pets, so we commend the work Australian pet pharmaceutical company CannPal is doing to discover the safest ways to deliver cannabis oils to different breeds of household pets safely and precisely.

This article goes into detail on CannPal’s work in developing pet medicine from cannabis, and some of the differences in the endocannabinoid systems between humans and animals. If you love your pets like we do, it’s definitely worth checking out.