A Fresh Look for a Classic Brand

law firm website design for GLRGarlington, Lohn & Robinson is one of the oldest law firms in Missoula, Montana. But in their eyes, a longstanding record of success doesn’t disqualify a brand from digital prominence. After all, what good are over 100 years of operation if you can’t navigate the contemporary world? Adaptability has kept their firm successful as times have changed, and they want a brand that portrays it. We were thrilled they came to us with this challenge.

We are designing a refreshing new logo for GLR, and a website to go with it. Now the 14-partner, 30-attorney firm can add user experience to the long list of things they excel at.

We at Oblique know a thing or two about living next door to mother nature, so we couldn’t be more excited to work with a company like GLR who goes about their workday with spectacular mountain views as a backdrop. One thing that excites us about GLR is their passion for the environment and respect for where they live. In fact, GLR’s six story facility in downtown Missoula was awarded Gold Certification in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Green Building Rating Program. Since that’s a bit of a mouthful, we’re aiming to communicate this commitment to sustainability visually in the work we do with them.

Keep your eyes peeled in the near future for Garlington, Lohn & Robinson’s new website—even if you’re not exactly in the market for legal representation in Missoula. We’re sure it will be a great example of how a classic, long-successful business can keep its heritage and pride while operating with contemporary savvy.