Intern Insights

San Francisco native. Media Design Major. And now, Oblique intern. These are three things that define me. So how did I get here? Boulder has always had my heart since I was a little girl. My Grandpa and Grandma met here way back when Robert Redford worked at The Sink. When I applied to CU I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do or if I should pursue Graphic Design because the major was unestablished. However, when considering other options nothing got me as excited as art, advertising, and design. I’ve always been the one to pick a product based on the packaging/logo.

As a junior at CU I met Oblique’s owner, Janice Ferrante, when she came to present to my Advanced Design Concepts class. Inspired by Janice’s journey and her passion for design, I stayed after class to get some tips from an experienced creative and entrepreneur. Janice and I remained in contact and this past fall I was given the opportunity to join the Oblique team as a graphic designer. In only two months I have learned a great deal about conceptual design and the creative process. Here are a few key things I’ve learned along the way.

First and foremost, SAVE EVERYTHING. I’ve almost given Janice multiple heart attacks after working on projects for full days and neglecting to save them untilthe end of the day or not at all. This hit home when a fellow intern almost didn’t save a design concept that a client ended up selecting for their website.

Second, WORK, REWORK, and then WORK AGAIN. I’ve worked on many logo concepts since starting at Oblique. Initially I would create designs I thought were good and then move on. I quickly learned that sometimes you need to come back to designs and rework them. Whether that means deleting or adding little things, making text bigger, bolder, or merely simplifying. Janice has worked on my designs and taught me that minor improvements can make a big difference in the end.  

Third, ASK GOOD QUESTIONS. I think this applies to any job one pursues, but when you’re just starting out you don’t have all the answers. I used to be timid to ask questions and then realized asking questions was the only way I was going to improve my skill set. It’s easy to feel like an imposition or embarrassed, but I’ve received awesome advice on projects by simply asking good questions.

All in all, it has been extremely beneficial and fun to work with experienced designers and peers while at Oblique. I’ve loved learning by doing and working in a creative space where others inspire creativity and are willing to help you in your journey as a designer. I feel more confident in my graphic design abilities since stepping into this office at the start of May, and I’m excited for what is still to come from this experience.