Tersa Steam: Refreshed Clothing, Refined Living

We all have clothes lying around that need a quick chemical-free fragrance steam, a handy anti-bacterial whirl and a de-wrinkle lift. Two young guys from St. Louis saw the need and jumped on it to start their own company called Tersa Steam.

With over $79,298 already raised on Indiegogo since September, 2017, they are on the fast track to success. Tersa Steam is the new and innovative way to steam your clothes – without ruining them, and the hassle that steamers and irons bring. Did we mention the entire process takes only 10 minutes? You can pinch yourself now.

When Tersa Steam came knocking at our door for a Brand Strategy Workshop, Logo Design, Tagline, Stationery Suite, Indiegogo Landing page and Trade Show Booth designs for CES, where we really going to say no? We think not, these guys are onto something BIG. Not only with consumers, but big hotel chains and corporations as well. Two thumbs up.

How does it work? Simply place your clothes in the wall-mounting device. Turning it on, insert your pod of choice, press a button and walking away. Literally. Turn the power on and continue with your morning routine. Grab coffee, eat breakfast, or just relax and read the newspaper while this machine steams, de-wrinkles, and freshens your clothes for work, school or even a night out.

We think it’s genius. Don’t be shy, join Oblique in backing them today.


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