S.O.S: Save our Skin with Cause + Medic

Marijuana use and legalization is a controversial topic of discussion these days. While many states have made it legal to get high, cannabis laws have brought us other benefits as well that can be enjoyed by a broader audience. Although not everyone may be a fan of THC, I think we can all enjoy the benefits of CBD.

“What’s CBD?” you ask. It’s a non-psychoactive derivative of cannabis that’s associated with relaxation, stress relief and other wonderful things. CBD has regenerative effects – repairing skin, healing wounds and reducing scar tissue and because of this it can now be found in skincare products. You may be wondering why Oblique would care about this. Or can you guess?

That’s right, we’re writing to introduce you to our newest client, CAUSE+MEDIC! CAUSE+MEDIC is an all-natural skincare line combining the healing properties of cannabis with other active botanical ingredients, to enhance skin health and radiance. To us they’re a dream client offering a dream product. CAUSE+MEDIC has hired Oblique to redesign their logo and packaging as they seek to place their products in spas across the country. Sign us up for a CBD mint infused massage pronto!

Once you’ve experienced their products in the spa, you’ll want to buy some for use at home. If not just for the beautiful packaging Oblique will design, you’ll want to own them, because they’re amazing products with great restorative qualities. If that doesn’t sell you, maybe this will. CAUSE+MEDIC products incorporate a variety of consciously selected botanicals and are responsibly sourced and cruelty free. All of their packaging is recyclable or made from recycled materials. And best of all, they pledge $1 from every sale to a charitable organization of your choice. What’s not to love?

As you can tell we’re totally smitten and we think you’re about to be as well. Check them out at causemedicated.com. Branding and packaging photos to come, so check back regularly to see the finished product.