Brand Therapy

Creating or revamping a brand goes well beyond logo design. Before elements like color, shape or typography are even considered there is a lot of strategy and discovery that’s involved. It’s a “get ta know ya” kind of process, but in the process you get to know yourself a little better too. 

Clarity in your brand’s mission, values, personality, competition and–perhaps most importantly–differentiation are key to your success. It’s important to know who you are, what you do, who you do it for and how you do it differently from your competitors. A clear and powerful positioning should serve as much as a rudder for your brand, as it should for your business. It’s the voice and soul of your company—resonating across audiences, raising awareness, defining your customer, and galvanizing stakeholders and the broader public. This is where brand strategy comes in.

At Oblique, the SLNT (slant) Method™ is our roadmap to lead your brand down an actionable, strategic path so you can get the clarity and results you want.
Our method consists of 4 steps: Strategize, Leverage, Narrate and target.  The first of these is the brand strategy that really dives deep into your brand and informs every other step in the process. In this stage we create a strategic vision report through brand strategy, research and workshops. Think of it as  therapy for your brand, we dive deep to learn who you are and along the way you’ll learn a little something about yourself too.

We love helping brands become the best version of themselves! If you feel like your brand could benefit from a little therapy drop us a line(link) and let’s get the conversation started!