Is it Time to Evaluate Your Website

As we’ve mentioned before, a brand goes well beyond the logo and your website is a very important element in your overall brand’s identity system. Most likely your website is one of the first interactions potential customers have with your brand. Making a good first impression is important to your brands success and good consistency across your entire identity system is key to creating brand loyalty.

So when’s the last time you evaluated your website? If it’s been a while, here’s a few signs you’re ready for a website redesign.

Does Your Website Reflect Your Brand?

This is where consistency comes into play. Is your website telling the customer something completely different than, say, your packaging? Or your latest presentation deck? In order to build brand loyalty customers need to trust you. This is hard to achieve if they’re hearing two different stories across your identity system and if your website’s been on the backburner it may not accurately portray your company’s image.

Are Visitors are Having Trouble Navigating Your Site?

User experience–and the design work behind it — has become one of the most important parts of the industry. Since the advent of smartphones and the boom in app development, making sure your user journey is intuitive and easy to use has never been more important. These same principles don’t just apply to high-profile smartphone apps, but also to your website. If you’re receiving a lot of visitors to your site and not seeing a lot of tangible results coming from it you may need to re-evaluate the user experience of your website.

Was Mobile a Primary Concern?

You might be surprised how many websites aren’t formatted for mobile users, and that will make them feel like you haven’t updated your website in years (and maybe you haven’t). How well your site displays on mobile is the big concern here. Today, more users view websites on their mobile device than they do on a desktop or laptop computer. When your website launched was mobile a second thought? Today, design practices take mobile users into account first and scale up from there. Even search engines like Google are rewarding mobile-first design in their search results.

If any of these scenarios apply to your company’s website or if you just haven’t given it a thought in a while…shoot us a line. We’d love to help elevate your brand’s digital footprint and discuss your options for a website redesign