Why You Should Have a Company Blog

This is a meta blog post- we’re talking about the importance of maintaining a company blog as part of building your brand. You’re currently reading the proof that we practice what we preach.

Blogs serve multiple important functions in terms of brand building and growing your online presence. They are certainly a worthwhile investment in creating an organic audience and maximizing your SEO rankings.


Establish and Reinforce your Brand Voice and Tone

Having a longer form example to showcase who you are as a company and what you may be like to work with can be simple. Your tone and content should match your ethos and vision. Hopefully you’ve already established this in your branding, logo and the approach you take with clients and customers, so using your posts as a method to add momentum to your image will directly establish an organic audience that trusts you. If you continue publishing meaningful content, your audience will keep coming back to read more. 

We, for example, like to keep our posts smart, current, easy-going and useful. This matches our brand values and gives our readers a preview of what they can expect in a working relationship with us.

By creating specialized, shareable, informative content, you’re enabling people to post your works on their social networks and expose your business to an audience that may not know you yet. This symbiotic relationship between social content and blog content doubles your content well and adds another dimension to your marketing strategy. 


Blogging to Help with SEO

Speaking of marketing strategy, let’s talk about boosting your search engine rankings and traffic. Creating a blog post adds one more indexed page to your website which gives you one more opportunity to show up in search engines and raise brand awareness. Working in keywords that have to do with your services and surrounding them with useful, shareable, original content makes people want more. Keywords, in turn, help boost your Google search rankings, ensuring that people can find you when searching for relevant information. So for us, as a Colorado branding and interactive agency, we’re able to show up in Google searches when people in other states want a personalized interactive experience relevant to our services. 

The path your marketing strategy takes can be long and sometimes complicated but blogging doesn’t have to be. Blogging is a straightforward way to continually establish yourself as a trusted and consistent source of information and service in your industry.