Client Spotlight: Cause+Medic

Our client Cause+Medic has a special place in our heart. The mother of Founder, Hugh Huffaker, was suffering chronic pain due to multiple sclerosis, and Hugh wanted to create a CBD cream that would help alleviate it. What resulted was Cause+Medic, you may have heard about them in Forbes, Organic Spa Magazine, or Dope Magazine. 

Upon product launch, Oblique was asked to do the original creative package design oriented towards the ‘everyday’ consumer. Our designs were colorfully eye catching and dynamic. As Cause+Medic began to gain more clout in the massage world, high end spas started to pick up on all of the hype. Soon enough, the Four Seasons wanted in on the action and requested that these massage oils be used in almost every one of their spas worldwide. This called for a complete packaging redesign. Oblique was on the case again, this time redesigning the original packaging to be more sophisticated and sleeker to appeal to high end clientele. 


The new designs, while keeping some elements from the original bright packaging, became more uniform with a muted color palette. They emanate luxury and relaxation as Cause+Medic pivoted their original plan. This was such a fun project to be a part of from start to finish. Being able to grow and transform with a client in real time helped us flex our muscles and create for two different target audiences. Both polished designs served Cause+Medic well and helped grow their brand awareness. To see our original designs for Cause+Medic, visit our portfolio.

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Learn more about Cause+Medic and see what they’re up to on Instagram at @cause_medic