Web Design & the Internet Of Things (IoT)

We talk a lot about the importance of creative web design, and that’s because the Internet is such a key component to everyday living. The Internet of Things (IOT) refers to devices (“things”) with a unique login per user that are connected, accessed, configured and manipulated from other sources without human interaction- think Nest, ATMs, AppleHome, lightbulbs you can switch on from your phone, etc.

IoT isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and that’s really exciting.

But what does that have to do with web design?


Well, there’s a term called Graphical User Interface (GUI) which describes all the elements of a website seen on a desktop, mobile device, tablet, etc. The design part comes into play in how you see the layout on all of these devices. Web design is getting really complicated because designers deal GUI in regards to the front end of the interface which connects to all these devices included in the IOT. Web design needs to be creative, sleek, easy to use and easy to adapt. We’re adding another “must” on the qualifications list of what’s to be considered “good design”.

Your website is a place where your brand lives. Customers shop, interact, and get to know you there. This style and messaging now has to carry over to even more interfaces as businesses venture into new apps and products as the pervasiveness of IoT seeps into our lives. There is a strategy to every form of customer interaction you have. The trick is figuring out the right way to design or redesign a website with brand elements and even print design that can carry over to anything. We can help you with that. Give us a shout!