Mobile Ads in Social Media

Alright, alright, we know Social Media is old news. You get it; we get it. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, is there anything we missed? We know you know what they are.  

So, have you really thought about how much of your marketing budget is allocated to mobile ads on Social Media? It might be time to think about that. 


According to eMarketer Statistics, 70% of all budgets devoted to social media advertising are controlled by Facebook, Twitter, and Google. $60 Billion will be spent this year on mobile advertising, and expenses on mobile ads will increase by 70%. So, what these statistics really demonstrate is the steady flow of dollars towards mobile ads on social media and away from traditional media.   

Mobile ecosystems are where people actually hang out- half of all Facebook logins are from smartphones. In fact, people are more likely to share and interact with social content when they are accessing it from their phones and not their PCs. That is demonstrated by Facebook advertisements, which have a 186% higher CTR (Click Through Rate) than desktop ads that show up on newsfeeds, and the PPC (price per click) is 22-24% lower than those desktop ads as well. They’re cheaper and more effective. Mobile ads are prevailing on social media as also demonstrated by the mere fact that 80% of Facebook’s overall income is coming from mobile advertising, and that’s 20% higher than last year.  

Smartphones are arguably the most effective time burners on the planet. That’s a bold statement, but hyperbole can be attention grabbing. So now that we have that, we want to implore that while mobile advertising has proven to be a really great source of new revenue, you must be sure that your ads are attractive, interesting, useful and informative. This is where creative graphic design, custom logo design, and the true importance of branding come heavily into play. With the right messaging and look, your mobile ad won’t get lost in the fray. So, now that we’ve taught you all about why focusing your attention on mobile ads is important, what’s your next step going to be? We can help you out with that.