Designing for a Design Team

Our clients come to Oblique for our design expertise. While our services include a wide array of marketing competencies, as a creative agency, killer design is our main differentiator and our most sacred pillar. Oblique’s owner and creative director, Janice Ferrante, has high design standards and only works with tried and true senior designers who push the boundaries of design thinking, delivering exactly what you would expect from a boutique design firm. 




Since design is what we’re known for, our clients tend to seek us out because they appreciate flawless design, but don’t have the eye for it themselves. However, every once in a while, a client comes along with a background in design or an artistic expertise. We’ve recently found ourselves working with one such client and have learned how challenging, yet rewarding it can be to collaborate with a team that shares our artistic eye. 


For the past few months, we’ve been working on a new brand and website for DTJ Design. DTJ Design is an architecture design firm with plenty of experience, and a broad network here in Boulder, and down south, at their office in Atlanta. They know what looks good when they see it, so they’re already keeping us on our toes! We’re looking forward to years of making them look good. (Online and in print, that is. We’ll let them handle the buildings. Trust us, it’s for the best.) 

When DTJ Design came looking for a Boulder interactive design firm, they knew they needed the best. They already know what it takes to make places people want to go. They don’t just put together a building. When they go to work, they design the whole environment: architecture, setting, landscaping; both the kit and the caboodle! It’s no wonder that when you find a DTJ Design project, you find a crowd! 

Time to Build the Brand 

They’ve proved they build projects that fit the setting perfectly, and they’ve found that careful balance between sassy and classy. People go to DTJ Design for luxury that’s comfortable, and for fun that’s built to last. But they needed a different skill set to show off their work. They needed a Boulder interactive design firm that also excelled in print advertising design. So naturally, they came to Oblique! It was time to show the world that their fun and exciting professional personality, was backed up by the best quality and experience. 

Building Trust, Looking Fantastic 

They know their stuff. We know our stuff. And we both know how much work it takes to look as fantastic as we are. DTJ Design is already pushing us to greater heights, and working together we’re making sure that their brand is built just as well as their projects.  We’re excited to get to work with a firm that has projects across the country as we continue to expand. 

This is a partnership to keep an eye on! Check out our blog and social channels regularly for updates. Who knows where we’ll go together?