A Custom Website for Custom Footwear

When Isaiah Smith and Jono Kupferberg teamed up to create Soul to Sole Footwear, they wanted to craft a product that would appeal to the die-hard fans out there: the ones who eat, sleep, live and breathe their sports teams. Now STS Footwear is delivering a line of sneakers that feature custom designs for dozens of college sports teams. Their company is quickly becoming a fan favorite!

More than that, when they decided to go public with their product, they wanted a website design that would truly match their vision of giving the people more of what they want, their favorite team. They asked Oblique for a user-friendly design that would make shopping for fan footwear a breeze, and would be optimized for mobile browsing. Well, at that point we said game on! Oblique obliged by creating a site with an attention grabbing home page, bold graphics, an easy-to-use interface, and testimonials from hot names such as Jemele Hill and Plaxico Burress. The shop pages were designed to show off wearable art with bright, crisp pictures that encompass each pair of sneakers in a simple slideshow layout, so that the customer can quickly peruse the site for his team.

Oblique’s team had a lot of fun working with STS Footwear, even conducting and modeling in a lifestyle photo shoot with the sneakers. If you want to collaborate with a team of experienced, professional website designers who deliver high-quality work, we’re your ideal partner. Contact us today to discuss what you’re looking for in a website; and don’t forget to check out our previous design work here.