Feng Shui and Funerals: Our work with NorthStar Memorial Group

The passing of a loved one is the most difficult thing we deal with in life. It’s never easy to talk about, let alone plan for. But because funeral planning is often costly and complex, many opt to start thinking about it in advance.

This is especially true in Hong Kong—as the limited area and high population density mean that securing memorial space can often take years. One solution that many in Hong Kong are opting for is to look to mainland China, or even the US, for a secure and beautiful final resting place.

Our client NorthStar Memorial Group is now helping many in Hong Kong by offering a better option, and we’ve helped their efforts by designing marketing materials for Hong Kong markets and launching a new website.

Death is difficult to talk about, especially in marketing, but a good design crafted with elegance and sensitivity can be very comforting to those going through such a difficult experience. Keeping Feng Shui in focus, we’ve created materials for Hong Kong markets and launched a new website for the Skylawn and Valley of the Temples Memorial Parks. These marketing materials emphasize the value, lifestyle and peace of mind one can find by choosing an Eternal Resorts property for their loved one’s final resting place. We at Oblique find this type of work to be extremely rewarding, because we’re helping to ease a
difficult process.

NorthStar Memorial Group’s Eternal Resorts guarantee peace of mind for these people and their families. By offering permanent entitlement, loved ones are assured that the investment will stay in the family’s name for all generations to come.

You can read more on the memorial space shortage in Hong Kong, and NorthStar’s efforts to solve it, in this article.