Getting Geared Up With Red Fox

Red Fox Blog 2

Pushing yourself to the limit, and doing it in high functioning gear that withstands all the elements. That is what Red Fox is all about.

Living just a stone’s throw outside of Rocky Mountain National Park, the Oblique team appreciates all that the rugged mountains have to offer. And that means we also appreciate gear that keeps us safe and comfortable as we live our adventures. Because of this, we are so proud to partner with Red Fox as they begin to expand their presence in the United States. With their first US flagship store now open in Lyons, CO (just a 20 min drive from our office!) we are busy re-designing their blog site, developing an ad campaign and giving helpful hints on how to really wow store visitors.

Whether you’re climbing, camping, skiing or just enjoying nature, Red Fox has your back.

Summer’s almost here. If you’re in the Lyon’s area, stop by the new store and leave it up to the experts to get you all geared up!