Feeling Stylish With League Collegiate Outfitters


Ah, the good old days of college… Frisbee on the quad lawn, missing home cooked meals, wild parties and, of course, late night studying.  We’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing around the Oblique office since we were awarded the opportunity to re-design the League Collegiate Outfitters website. League designs and manufactures authentic collegiate sportswear for campus bookstores.

In addition to manufacturing top-of-the-line Ivy League inspired clothing, they also believe in a greater good. They are proud of their world-class, sweatshop free manufacturing facility located in El Salvador. But they don’t stop there; League also seeks to improve the lives of their employees by settling for nothing less than total compliance of the Fair Labor Policy, offering jobs for the homeless and handicapped and even providing gang rehabilitation programs. Who doesn’t want to support a company with these values?

We took the time to sample some of the clothing ourselves. We strutted around the office like the cool kids on campus. And we spent time researching all we could on League’s mission. We are now truly inspired to design a unique and engaging website that tells the League Collegiate Outfitters story and showcases style over fashion. We’re confident this site is going to earn us an A+.