Responsive Web Design

As responsive web design gets more and more popular, our clients are asking, “What is responsive?” And honestly, it isn’t an easy thing to explain (especially through an email). Responsive design is slowly moving away from being a fad and becoming a standard. As a boutique ad agency who caters to our clients’ budgets, we still give the option, but it is important for the people we work with to be aware of the technology available to them.

So what is responsive web design?

The website is developed and designed in such a way that when a user goes from laptop, tablet, to mobile the website design automatically adapts to the resolution of the screen. Some images will get larger or smaller, the menu will most likely condense, text stacks differently, and some parts may eliminate from the design all together.

The website has the ability to respond to the device it is being viewed on. We think this image from Josh Clark does a great job of explaining the meaning behind responsive.

We recently designed and developed a responsive website and you can check it out here:: www.farmacopia.net.

If you are on your desktop computer, you can see the responsive design in action by making your browser window smaller and larger. See how the design adjusts to your viewing screen? That is responsive!

Here are some other amazing examples we found:: http://www.mobify.com/insights/70-stunning-responsive-sites-for-your-inspiration/