Maintaining your brand isn’t easy. At Oblique, we know it takes some serious time and energy. We see it everyday when it comes to website design, logo design, and branding. Stay ahead of the curve and keep up with your brand and it’s values. Here are a few simple rules that Oblique believes in when it comes to managing your brand:

  •  Search engine optimization- Make it easier for prospective customers to find your company by managing your search engine results.
  • Email marketing- Email is still a primary tool for communicating in the business world. Using an email signature with your branding and a link to your website will prompt people to your website.
  • Social media- Delivering a consistent message using all platforms is essential to your brand. Social media is a great way to gain exposure and interact with customers.
  • Business cards- Handing someone a business card is a great first impression. Think beyond a rectangle, we are seeing business cards in many shapes, textures and even materials. Be creative!
  • Printed materials still matter- Again, it is all about a consistent message. Proposals, brochures and presentations can complete your brand by delivering your company’s key differentiators.

We truly believe that being mindful as to whether or not you have a strong brand in your industry is crucial. Your marketing plan must integrate many different aspects to succeed as a brand. The first step is finding value in hiring and trusting an agency to build your brand with proper strategic messaging.


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