Work Smarter & Harder: Remote Work Systems

Within our industry, working remote is becoming more and more common. Many of Oblique’s industry contacts and freelance partners work from home and have found it increases their overall productivity and job satisfaction. We ourselves have some experience with this and  wanted to  share our tips for working remotely here. 



Set & Keep a Schedule 

The great thing about working from home is getting to set your own schedule. Not a morning person? Work from noon to 8pm. You can take the dog for a walk and still be on time for that conference call to review  your new product packaging design. While this sounds great, not having a predetermined schedule can take some getting used to. Setting your own hours is wonderful, but you do still have to get the work done. We recommend sitting down at the start of every week to estimate the hours you’ll need for each project. Incorporate any events with a set time and chart out a schedule. Don’t forget to add some padding to your timetable in case of emergencies. 

Have a Usual Workspace 

It can be great to work from anywhere. You can  write your latest blog post from your couch, or in that coffee shop with the fantastic biscotti. But having a set workspace to use on a regular basis can be helpful too, even if it’s just the left hand chair at your kitchen table. When you have a usual workspace, you can limit distractions (face away from the TV!), have supplies on hand (so   that’s  where I put the stamps), and arrange for good ergonomics (your back will thank you). 

Don’t Be a Hermit 

When you work remotely, it’s easy to hunker down and plow through when a deadline is looming. But you also won’t have other people poking their head into your cubicle on a regular basis, and as hard as it may be to imagine, there will come a day you’ll miss that. Be intentional about staying social, and connecting with coworkers and customers. Video chat is a big help with this, but don’t forget to get out of your home occasionally too! Try getting the team together in-person to plan your next photo shoot. Since you won’t be moving around the office as much either, you’ll want to pay attention to your exercise habits, and adjust as needed.