We’re at Your Service and We Mean It

“Never make your customer feel stupid.” 

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  We believe most of the time it happens unintentionally, but customer relationships sometimes take a wrong turn because of a poor tone of voice or ill-advised choice of words. At Oblique, we value our clients and continually work on building strong relationships. Why work with a branding and design agency, or any company, that makes you feel inferior? 

When you put it that way, it really seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? 

Actually, It’s All About Teamwork 

We got to thinking about customer service thanks to a recent article in Fast Company. It’s funny how a few simple words, like starting a sentence with “Actually,” or saying “Like I told you before,” can change the feeling of a conversation. 

As an agency made up of designers, writers, and other creatives, we should know better than anyone how much a few words can mean.  After all, what kind of team would we be if we didn’t? 


No matter what size or type of project you have, we’re more than a branding and design agency trying to meet a deadline. We’re a team working together; isn’t that why you chose us to begin with? Wouldn’t it be cool to work with someone who understood that simple rule? 

Actually, we think it would! 


What does it mean to you? Just getting the job done isn’t enough. Anyone can finish a project by a certain date for you…well, if they try hard enough, anyway. You need a design firm that treats every project, from simple logo design to big branding projects, like it matters to them. 


Like it does to us. 

Let’s be honest. We like working with you. We want your company to succeed and our work to be a part of it. That’s success to us. It’s not about meeting a deadline or making us look good at your expense. 

Like we told you before, it doesn’t pay to make you feel stupid or undervalued. Contact us at Oblique and see the difference for yourself.