Microservice Management Meets Modern Design

A lot has changed since we last wrote about our client Aspen Mesh, and we’re excited to share that their new website is live! Aspen Mesh came to Oblique to revamp their brand with a new logo, stationery suite, trade show booth and website. They are front-runners in their field of providing ease-of-use for your business’ tech team by managing microservices. And although they’re just about the best qualified team in the industry, they have a laid-back attitude that we wanted to effectively communicate through their website. They’re amazing to work with! Now, for the second wave of Oblique’s work for Aspen Mesh, we are excited to direct you to their new and improved website!

The two main priorities for the Aspen Mesh website at this time are to attract great new team members and to drive people to sign-up for a free trial of their beta product. To accomplish these goals, we wanted to design a cutting-edge website that matches the team’s unique personalities while showcasing their unmatched microservice abilities. And because service mesh isn’t that visually exciting, we created playful graphics in their bright brand colors of hot magenta and bright green in order to evoke feelings of energetic and dynamic innovation that really capture the viewer’s attention. We even got to have some fun ourselves and play around with several concepts to make their team page modern and different. Take a look at our highly interactive and engaging take on Aspen Mesh’s team bio page here.

We couldn’t be happier with the final product, and we loved working with Aspen Mesh.