League Collegiate Outfitters Website Launch


Back in March we announced our partnership with a great company out of Philadelphia – League Collegiate Outfitters. Our Boulder design team was tapped to create a new custom website design and four months later we are proud to announce that we’ve launched the new site. It’s a kick-ass website with just the right amount of change. The emphasis of the new website is that League Collegiate Outfitters stands out from their competitors on quality and design, and so should their website.

Why Redesign The Website?

  • First, we really wanted the products to speak for themselves. League Collegiate Outfitters manufactures top-of-the-line collegiate wear. From the softest of hoodies and comfiest of t-shirts to the coolest of leggings and blankets; they’ve got it all. And when you have a product as nice as theirs… well, you know the saying… a picture is worth a thousand words. When you visit the website you can’t help but immediately be drawn into the photography and style, so our goal was to let the photography do the talking.
  • The second goal was to make it easy to locate a retailer. Since League does not sell any product online, it was important that viewers could easily search for where to find a store to buy all of their awesome gear. To do this, we implemented simple and slick looking store locator.
  • The third goal was to showcase the social good that League Collegiate Outfitters does. One of the reasons that we were so excited to work with this company is because we truly believe in their mission to help others succeed. Through their world-class, sweatshop-free, manufacturing facility in El Salvador they help with issues like gang rehabilitation, fair labor practices and childcare. We appreciate their desire to do good and we wanted a website that reflected that passion.


We had so much fun working on this project. From our trip to Philly to present key concepts in person to creating custom technological solutions, there was never a dull moment. We’re so proud to see the new website go live!

Oh, and to top it all off, League Collegiate Outfitters partnered with Oblique Design on our CommuniTee program by providing us with shirts for Block 1750 (buy one here: http://www.block1750.com/apparel/).

Visit league91.com to see the killer new website design, exceptional collegiate style and to find a store near you so you can support this great organization and your alma mater.