The Journey of an Intern: Part 2


It’s me again, Liza the intern. My time at Boulder’s Oblique Design is coming to a close. To say it’s gone by fast is quite an understatement.

As my last week with Oblique Design comes to an end, I’ve spent some time reflecting on the past 10 weeks I’ve spent here. I’ve grown so much as a person and a creative.

Here are the top lessons I’ve taken away from my time here:

1. Designers don’t have to do it all

I spent most of this summer questioning whether or not graphic design was the career choice for me. I wasn’t getting the best feedback, and had lost a lot of confidence. However, I realized that I don’t have to do it all. I learned that my strong suit is definitely designing for digital media: web design, app design, etc. Logo design is not. I was able to gain my confidence back and remember why I love design. If logo design terrifies me, why should I stress over it? Specializing isn’t a bad thing.


2. Speaking of specializing…

Oblique is the kind of design and advertising agency that does it all. Anywhere from an awesome hip-hop t-shirt design to a sophisticated and modern construction website design. I’ve come to realize that I think I might like working for one industry; whether that’s healthcare, active wear, I’m not sure. I thrive with routine, and getting as creative as I can inside the box. Maybe I’m not that free-spirited, outside the box designer. And that’s okay.


3. No one’s going to take care of you but you

I’ve found this to be true inside my internship and out. No one knows what I’m thinking unless I share it. No one knows I need help unless I ask for it.

I tried to rely on others in the beginning not only when it came to design, but also when it came to getting to know a new city and state. I quickly learned that the only person I could rely on was myself. Through this I was able to grow more than I ever thought possible, and enjoy time spent on my own.


It’s time to say goodbye to Boulder’s Oblique Design and the state of Colorado. My journey here has had its ups and downs, but I’ve come out stronger than I ever imagined. I have a rekindled love for design, and I’m excited to finish out my senior year. I will be forever grateful to Janice and the rest of the Oblique team for giving me the chance to explore and find out what I’m passionate about.