Take Time To Recharge


The days get long and the weeks get longer. Do you guys get worn out like we do? We all need to take time to reset our minds and rejuvenate for the next day or week. We love what we do here at Oblique, and we thrive on upping the ante. That being said, that comes at a cost and lots of hard work. We are constantly delivering at our highest potential because we take time to recharge ourselves from the everyday agency hustle.

Coming from Texas where I’ve been all my life, I’ve been able to push myself to new limits up here; literally. My past year here in Colorado has been one hell of a ride. From climbing a sketchy glacier during a heavy blizzard, to surfing the sand dunes in the dead of heat, I’ve gotten the most of the outdoors to say the least. I feel like I’m always on the go and traveling to different spots, but it all makes it worth it when you arrive at the destination. From little to no sleep, I’ve got to shout out to all my weekend warriors out there, it’s a crazy life! One trip in particular really inspired me that the sky is the limit in anything that I wanted to do. I took my first trip to Moab, Utah this past spring with a few buddies of mine, and man was it epic. One night we all got to witness the insanity of stars underneath the Delicate Arch with no one else in the park. At this moment I never imaged that I would be traveling as much as I had and knew that it had been the best thing that had happened to me. Getting away from all the distractions and noises of the world is nothing short of refreshing. I felt renewed and was able to reset my mind from all the past weeks building up. This experience inspired me to keep getting out there and expose myself to all the creative elements that surround me. That’s what its all about.

Getting out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself only makes you better at what you do next, you guys feel me? I can’t stress that enough. Reward yourself. When it comes time for the new day or week, I feel like I’m set to succeed because I took the time to decompress and get my mind right. That goes for everyone in the office too. This time of recharging greatly affects our business and how we work so well with others. If we feel overwhelmed or stressed out, we take that time to reset. New perspectives and outlooks are what drive our creativity and open us up to new opportunities. This process goes far beyond web design and advertising in general; its what makes us, us. Powering through the week and working hard, pushes us to play hard on the weekends. We welcome the challenge.