Dining out in NYC with Handcraft Kitchen & Cocktails


Imagine walking down the streets of New York City and suddenly the most stunning  restaurant logo captures your attention and draws you in through the doors. You ‘re immediately captivated by the rustic, industrial charm. It’s warm and inviting with its refurbished interior and exposed brick walls. You’re welcomed with smells of American comfort food that is familiar, yet you can tell there’s also something charmingly different about it. You settle into your chair and quickly order an artisanal cocktail to quench your thirst.  When your drink arrives you slowly take a sip and as you savor the flavor you take the time to survey your surroundings. There’s the couple making nervous small talk on a first date. At another table you watch a businessman wooing his client with delectable food and craft beer.  And at the bar you can hear the slightly rambunctious laughter from a ladies happy hour.  You’ve just stepped into one of life’s simple pleasures. And this is the experience that one of New York’s latest (and greatest) restaurants – Handcraft Kitchen & Cocktails – wants everyone to enjoy.  To help bring to life Handcraft’s brand personality, Oblique had the privilege of designing their stunning logo.  We are so excited, not only to be working with Handcraft, but also to know that our work is going to be seen (and enjoyed) by all of those fancy New Yorkers.  If you happen to be in the Big Apple be sure to visit Handcraft Kitchen & Cocktails for some fantastic grub – and of course cocktails. Maybe we’ll see you there, if so, first round’s on us. Second round’s on you.

Handcraft Kitchen & Cocktails

367 3rd Avenue

New York City, NY 10016