Fighting for attention on the WWW.


It’s a competitive world out there, and that competition isn’t just reserved for the physical world. The digital world is just as, if not more, competitive. And with millions upon millions of websites (over 876 million, according to the Netcraft Jan 2015 survey) floating in the World Wide Web universe, it leaves many companies wondering, “How do I stand out?” Here are some tips to help your website capture the attention it deserves.

1)   Keep it clean. Too much clutter and copy can turn a viewer off. In the age of information overload, simple and clean is a powerful way to capture (and keep) attention.

2)   Simple doesn’t have to mean boring. Even the simplest of sites can be engaging and dynamic. Through the use of trends in technology such as parallax or slide show scrolling, you can provide depth and captivate the viewer. Make your website an experience.

3)   Pictures sell products.  Let’s face it, we are a world that loves to get lost in beautiful imagery. So there is no better way to capture a viewer’s attention than to use large, full-scale photography. With the right imagery you can send a viewer on a journey of the senses. Decide on what emotion you want to invoke and go from there. Be careful though, don’t go into photo overload. Too much photography can slow download times and cause frustration (remember tip #1).

4)   SEO is key.  This day in age, it’s not enough just to have your website floating around in the virtual world with the hope that people will stumble across it. It’s time to up your game and start driving people to your site. One of the most successful ways to do that is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Proper SEO allows search engines to find and promote your site through a variety of different methods. Because trends can change daily, we recommend partnering with the right SEO experts to help manage how your website is performing.

5)   Know your audience.  Know what resonates with the audience you’re trying capture and design to suit their needs. The best thing a company can do when it comes to branding is to put some time and effort into really defining who their target audience is. Once you know that, spend some time learning about what speaks to them most. Then let your design grow from there. It’s all about using the right bait, right?

We’re experts in helping companies design websites the right way. Whether it’s a brand new site, or an update to your current one, we’ve got your back.

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