Repackaging for mobile

Today, more and more people are using their mobile devices for browsing the internet. The biggest challenge for marketers today might be how to appropriately reach the mobile users of your website. It doesn’t mean you have to develop an entirely new content strategy. Just take the time to rework it a bit – it is simpler than you might think. We found an awesome article by NewsCred offering tips and suggestions for repacking your site for mobile users.
Short-er & Sweet-er
If our attentions spans are short while sitting at our desks, they’re even shorter while browsing on mobile. That’s why brief, poppy headlines and bite-sized pieces of information are all-important when preparing content for mobile devices. Remember that most of it’s read vertically, and that less is more – especially when the device could end up in a pocket or stashed away in a bag at any minute, possibly closing your window (of opportunity) for good.

Providing a user with quickly consumable content comes first when creating for smaller screens, but it’s just as vital to make sure that your platform is mobile-ready. First, take advantage of those touch screens and optimize things like buttons and font size. A mobile site that makes it incredibly easy for a user to scroll, swipe and tap, which translates into simplified shopping.

Timing is crucial in every respect. You need to deliver content swiftly and immediately, without any interruptions, and you also need to figure out the best moments in which to push it out. Countless amounts of research and studies continue to be conducted in this area.

Location, Location, Location
As mobile advances further and faster, the gap between digital content and physical space keeps getting smaller. Today’s geolocation technologies are incredibly precise, easily pinpointing the exact whereabouts of any smartphone and its owner. This, in turn, presents a huge opportunity for customized content and for brands to take advantage of users’ locations as well as that of their products.