Having the flexibility and culture to adapt in a rapidly-shifting industry, we may be small but we are MIGHTY.

Oblique is known as a “boutique agency”.  In layman’s terms, this means we are  smaller in size. So when compared to the big guns, what is the best way we should position ourselves? It’s a question we ask ourselves constantly. Thanks to an article from AdAge, this breakdown answers why more and more brands turn to small agencies like Oblique over larger shops.

Flexibility Grows Fresh Ideas

We’re not just talking about the flexibility seen in our impressive yoga poses. Already experts in our positions, our team members have cultivated additional skills to accommodate each project that walks through the door. This empowers us to solve a wide range of client challenges as we always lock our focus on client goals rather than our individual roles and job descriptions. And if the answer doesn’t become immediately apparent, we don’t fake it. We quickly seek out the specialist able to shine light on the best solutions. As a small agency, our success depends upon our ability to leverage and develop fresh ideas. To do this, flexibility is the key.

Fountain of Youth

Small agencies tend to be younger, opening the door to more progressive and innovative ideas. The age range in our studio tips to the younger side. Not only does this keep the work fresh, it gives us a great advantage as we perfectly balance veteran team members with these bright, fresh minds.

Culture Sparks Risk Taking

Oblique knows culture is a top priority that begins and ends with one thing: people. Good people. We are lucky to have the wonderful mix of fantastic folks who comprise Team O.  Interactions, camaraderie and synergies are key ingredients for success—the things we’ve been preaching and practicing since day one. A great company culture makes the day fun and puts a premium on communication and team spirit. This allows us to take smarter risks and morph small failures into major wins. We know what it takes to create breakthrough results. Best of all, it shows.

The moral of the story? Do you want your brand to breakthrough? Do you put high value on creative problem solving? Are you willing to take risks? Do you agree that advertising is ready for a revolution? Then, we’re the agency for you!