We are part of a lucky, rare breed. We LOVE our jobs. We love what we do. We love who we work with. From Monday to Friday, 8-5, week after week, month after month, year after year, we still love and respect one another.

With the right mix of personalities, skills, passion, drive, zazz and spunk, we at Oblique have become one tight, little family. That’s right…family. We motivate each other, we inspire each other, and we deeply care about each other. That makes us a great team. We’ve been through ups and downs, through hell and high water, and we have still chosen to stick together. “Partners in crime,” as we say. Knowing one another inside and out has allowed us to really thrive in our studio. Not only is the studio atmosphere positive, upbeat and fun, but also it comes through in our work. The proof is in the pudding.

It takes a certain type of…well, wait—I can’t spoil the secret. Let’s just say our creative work and our clients are the heart and soul of Oblique.

We bleed orange.