Honey Smoked Fish Holdings

Honey Smoked Fish Holdings came to Oblique for a new logo. Having recently acquired several smoked fish companies, they needed a brand for the holdings company. We were asked to create a logo inspired by Honey Smoked Fish Company, their Colorado-based consumer hot-smoked fish brand.

The consumer brand is fun and playful, with bright colors and illustrated graphics that stand out in the industry. We took on this challenge designing a logo that’s compatible with the existing logo, but more representative of a holdings company.

The new logo is slightly more serious than the logo that inspired it, but still doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is exactly what the team at Honey Smoked Fish Holdings wanted. With the new brand approved, the Honey Smoked Fish team was ready to show it off at the annual Seafood Expo of North America. We designed business cards and a tradeshow display to catch attention and reel in show attendees. We look forward to designing their new website later on this year.