Dunner Law

Based in Washington D.C., this fellow Certified Woman­-Owned law firm specializes on giving their clients more than just great advice when it comes to Intellectual Property Law. Their mission is to provide a practical strategy for clients as well as concentrate on efficiency and ethics.

We were lucky enough to meet their founder, Lisa Dunner, at the most recent WBENC Conference. Oblique was asked to create a new logo, tagline and website to represent Dunner Law. We couldn’t have been more excited to work with this unique and creative team of lawyers.

Here at Oblique, we observed that Dunner Law is a firm that undeniably guides their clients forward, whether that decision is profitable for them or not. They help navigate through the extremely intricate process of Intellectual Property Law to find the right solution for that specific client. These conclusions pushed Oblique to create a minimal but powerful icon that alludes to both a D for Dunner Law while also creating a beautiful sail shape to relate to the navigation and anchoring they do as a firm. With those ideas in mind, the tagline “Your IP Anchor” was created to tie the entire brand together. Working with Lisa and her team has been an absolute blast and we hope to work with them more in the future! Visit the site.