DTJ Design

Our friends at DTJ Design first came to us looking for a full-fledged brand refresh and everything that goes along with that. We immediately hit it off, because, well, we’re all designers. DTJ Design is an award winning architecture firm that specializes in planning, architecture and landscape architecture. They work on projects across the globe in a wide variety of project categories. They even design theme parks. Fun, right!? 

 DTJ’s existing brand was black and white and had a distinctly Asian feel to it. While this had suited them well 10 years ago, it wasn’t modern enough to convey the types of projects they currently deliver. We spent a long time getting to know the partners and some of the associates in their Boulder office and familiarized ourselves with the brand through a half-day workshop. Through the workshop we got to the heart of DTJ developing a brand architecture, positioning statement, brand story, tone of voice and more that would act as a roadmap for all future work. The workshop informed the brand’s new personality, which we infused into the new website copy and used to develop the new logo.  

And what a completely new logo it is! Two major cultural theme that we wanted to convey for this brand were “fun” and “creative”. The bright, bold color palette conveys this and the modern, highly designed type treatment screams “design.” When it was time to design marketing materials and the website, we took the square which marked the dot in the “J” in the logo and used it as a design element throughout.  

 We couldn’t be happier with how this brand refresh turned out and the opportunity their team has given us to splash it all over everything  imaginable: stationery, hoodies, project brochures, PPT templates and even on the walls of their offices