CUE takes care of the complicated side of starting a new business. This local innovative software company creates an efficient, well chosen path to connect you to the right software, right support and right future. CUE approached Oblique for a new name, logo, tagline and pre-launch website.

Focusing on the concept that each business runs differently, Oblique created a logo that communicates a streamlined path for growth and success. The grid represents the endless combinations CUE creates to perfectly fit your needs. Contrasted with the simple and approachable typeface, this logo speaks to the maturity, professionalism and credibility that CUE provides. The purple creates the presence of originality and freshness, which will stand out in the tech market.

Their preliminary launch website gives CUE strong brand recognition and a solid entrance into the marketplace. Our goal is to let business owners know that CUE will provide support, recommendations and structure to running their business.