CONGRUEX is the next big player when it comes to fiber optic technology. Providing everything from architecture and design all the way to installation and network maintenance, this newly-formed company is a one stop shop providing turnkey solutions to some of the nation’s largest network operators.

The heavy hitters and highly experienced executives at Congruex chose Oblique as their partner and agency of record. To start, we had to name their company and create a logo and tagline. CONGRUEX is a modern twist on the word congruity, which is the quality of fitting perfectly together or the state of being harmonious. To continue the presence of strength of the brand, Oblique created a logo that brought together connection, construction and simplicity into one iconic mark. Partnered with a an even stronger typeface, its easy to say that CONGRUEX will make a big impression in their market.

Team Oblique is excited to be working with some of the most experienced and talented individuals in the broadband networks industry. Visit the site.